3 Steps to a Vince Lombardi Marketing Program

As you can probably imagine, we're rather passionate about data quality here at ReachForce. When helping our clients we've seen firsthand just how much of a difference a high quality database makes when designing, executing, and even converting prospects from marketing campaigns.

And yet many organizations have ignored the problem of poor data quality, citing lack of time and resources and the need to wrestle with ongoing production and implementation problems as barriers to their efforts to improve the quality of their data resources. Marketing strategist, Paul Teshema, however, believes that cleaning up your database is well worth the effort. He claims that most organizations can increase their lead generation by more than 250% simply by implementing an effective data quality program.

250%. Is there an organization that wouldn't benefit from that kind of spike? Is there a marketing team out there that wouldn't be popping champagne with that kind of improvement? And while we have a host of tools and services to help get you there (visit our site to find out more) there are a few housekeeping items you can implement fairly quickly to get started.

A study by Omar Khalil and Talha D. Harcar recommended three key elements be put into play in creating a successful company-wide data quality improvement program:

  1. Prioritization of the sources from which you gather data, emphasizing the highest quality data sources and implementing organization-wide data quality policies.
  2. Standardization of data fields across all departments. Marketing, sales, product development and data management team members should all be collecting the same types of data from whatever sources they data-mine. It is particularly important to identify your organization's critical data quality requirements.
  3. Put quality data production systems on line that include any new data sources you develop. This means creating practices and policies that insure a high level of accuracy in all data collected.

Vince Lomardi once said, “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” In the same way it could be said that data does not make for successful marketing - only high quality data makes for successful marketing. Is your database ready to help you?

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