3 Smart Landing Page Changes to Double Your Conversions

The core purpose of creating and managing a website is to provide information to prospects and customers and effectively promote and market your business online. In addition to having a smartly designed website, organizations need effective landing pages to generate leads and profits.

The following post provides information on what smart B2B marketers consider the top three essentials of designing a landing page.

Add a Headline That Benefits the User

The headline is what attracts readers, and most readers won't read the entire content of the article if the headline is not catchy. The role of a powerful headline is not only to attract and bring potential customers to your landing page but also to make them interested and engaged as long as they are on the page. This intrigued feeling coupled with some tweaks encouraging urgency will persuade the reader to fill in your form almost instantly.

Most of the time, you'll want your headline to be composed of two parts. The first part focuses on benefits the reader will experience, and the second part creates urgency. Some examples follow:

  • 70% of People Are Already Happy - Offer Ends Today!
  • Dog Flea Problem Solved - Up to 50% Off Your First Order
  • Pizza Delivered in Under 30 Minutes - BOGO Free Today!

You get the idea.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the headline must be catchy, but also relate to the content of the landing page. There is nothing more aggravating than clicking on a creative headline only to find out you've fallen for the ol' bait and switch.

Make Your Lead Generation Form Smart Yet Easy to Fill Out

Smart marketers don't make the visitor fill out lengthy forms. Every visitor wants to finish filling out a form as quickly and as easily as possible. As a B2B Marketer, you've likely experienced the painful gap between the need to keep your registration forms short (so conversion rates stay high) and the need to capture the rich data required by your marketing automation for lead routing, scoring, nurturing, targeting, and segmentation.

But why should you have to make a choice between converting visitors, and capturing the data required for your business? With optimized forms, you don't have to. This solution helps keep the forms short and easy to fill out without compromising the quality of the customer data.

Create Emotionally Powerful Pages Targeting Core Values

Every decision is driven by emotion. This is a fact that savvy business marketers have accepted. Landing pages that target the emotional side of the visitor wins the race. Hence, it is important to create landing pages that target the core values and emotions of your visitors so they are convinced to become customers.

Research the kind of buyer personas you wish to target on your landing pages. Get input from your sales team, customer support team, and don't hesitate to ask your existing customers for feedback. Such surveys are done to improve the quality of service and to create well-defined webpages that display what customers actually want to see. This will help you understand the behavior of your audience over a period of time and will help you to create landing pages that cater to the very specific needs of your audience.

These insights should help you implement some proven strategies to increase the rate of conversions on your site. Remember, it's not about getting traffic on the site; instead, the bulk of the strategies should be focused on converting your existing traffic.

Joydeep Bhattacharya is the founder of the Digital Marketing Blog - SEOsandwitch.com. He has helped several businesses to increase their revenue using organic lead generation methods.

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