3 Career Steps You Can Make With Big Data Marketing

We're not hinting that you aren't deliriously happy with your current job. But, you know, if you have your sights set a little higher, we don't blame you. We won't even tell anybody. The fact is, once you get a handle on big data marketing, there is a whole new set of career paths out there that you qualify for. So if you use these skills to bump up that paycheck, add a status upgrade to your title, or slip on into that company you've been dreaming about working for since your 6th birthday, well, good for you!

1. Senior Marketing Manager

Depending on the size of the business, a senior marketing manager might oversee a team of five marketing professionals, or a multinational team of 100. Salaries for this position range from $90,000 per year to over $170,000 per year, depending on the industry you go into and the company you hire on with. Senior marketing managers typically have reasonably moderate stress levels, a good balance between work life and home life, and the market for these jobs is continually growing. To reach the level of marketing manager, you should have at least a bachelor's degree, preferably in the fields of marketing, public relations, business, journalism, communications, or a related field. Computer science, data analytics, and big data marketing skills are also extremely helpful.

2. Data Analytics Manager/Consultant

If the analytics and number crunching part of big data marketing appeals to you, you might consider a career as a data analytics manager. This is a stepping stone to more prestigious positions, including Director of Analytics, and potentially Vice President of Analytics -- an executive-level position. Analytics managers are charged with coordinating analytical tasks for their company, such as developing data collection strategies, analyzing the data, conducting research, and implementing the right analytical solutions for the projects at hand. Earning salaries between $64,000 and $122,000, the earning potential skyrockets if you do break into an executive-level position. To pursue this career, you'll probably need at least a bachelor's degree, preferably in a data-related field such as analytics or data management. Industry certifications can also be helpful.

3. Market Analyst

Big data marketing As soon as you get a handle on today's market, it will be time to begin working on tomorrow's. The work of a market analyst is truly never done.

Also called a "market research analyst", these professionals help companies determine who their target customers are, what they want from the products and services they buy, and what they're willing to pay for those products. Since industries are constantly in flux, there is never an end to the work available to market analysts. Earning salaries between $44,000 and $86,000 per year, the position usually requires at least a bachelor's degree, but there is a wide range of majors that have potential in this career. A background in math, computer science, business administration, and big data marketing are all helpful, but you can also come from disciplines such as social sciences, communications, analytics, psychology, sociology, consumer psychology, market research, and related sciences.
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