3 Big Data Marketing Use Cases You Need to Leverage Immediately

Most marketing departments begin adopting big data by sticking a toe in the water. That's a good way to begin, too, because it's quite easy to find yourself in the deep end of the big data pool with no lifeguard on duty!

Big data marketing usually starts with a good data integration initiative, such as integrating the data shared and collected by various systems and tools used in the marketing department: marketing automation software, an email marketing tool, and perhaps the CRM system. But once you've realized the power of big data marketing, you're soon ready to go all-in. What's the logical next step? Here are some excellent use cases for expanding big data projects in your marketing department.

1. Personalize the Shopping Experience in Real Time

Successful marketing is largely a matter of delivering the right message to the right shopper at precisely the right time. The timeliness and relevance of your messages drive up all your metrics -- email click-through rates, conversion rates, and the big daddy: the rate at which your leads convert to paying customers. Big data allows you to follow the shopper's online behavior and determine the topics (s)he is most interested in reading about at any given time. Then you can deliver content that is highly relevant to their current needs and interests.

2. Segmenting & Fine-Tuning Customer Profiles

Before big data marketing, marketers had a single customer profile to work with, or perhaps a small set of profiles that roughly described their typical buyers. But with big data, marketers can segment those customer profiles into ever more granular shots of their buyers. Additionally, you can fine-tune those profiles to match the buyer with uncanny accuracy.

Not only does this allow you to reach your target profiles with much more precision and certainty, this method also helps you identify new markets for your products. For example, once you've segmented and fine-tuned your profiles well enough to see that one of your profiles matches a mid-level finance manager or senior-level supply chain manager, you can find more audiences in new channels to match those segments you've identified with big data.

3. Fine-Tune Your Content

Big data marketing Big data can help marketers take their content from good to better to best -- eliminating content that leads to high dropout rates and delivering more of the content that makes a strong positive impact on conversions and revenue.

Not only does big data marketing give you the tools to segment and describe your customer profiles like never before, it also gives you a bird's eye view into how well your content is performing. As you use data analytics to map your customer journey, you'll be able to identify content that is performing well, versus that content that isn't. You can then remove or improve poorly performing content and create more of the kinds of content that are helping your customers migrate through the marketing funnel.

This is also an excellent opportunity to begin delving into types of content you may not have delivered before. For instance, try out a brand new, insightful infographic to replace those boring old whitepapers that were causing high dropout rates in readers. Test your hand at making videos, such as behind-the-scenes stuff, sneak peeks at upcoming products, or how-to tutorials on using your products. Big data plus A/B testing allows you to perfect your content marketing strategies for outstanding conversions and revenue improvements.

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