21 Tips & Other Impressions from the Marketo User Summit

We're just back from the Marketo User Summit with more takeaways than the airline would allow us to check. Luckily, Howard Sewell from Spear Marketing Group wrote up a great post on the best pieces of information shared at the Summit. I'm sure, like us, you'll find yourself scrambling to act on some of these immediately. Here are the first few:

1. Including the recipient’s company name in subject lines increases response.

2. Adding a campaign-specific unsubscribe link to outbound emails can help avoid eliminating names from the opt-in pool altogether.

3. Enable sales reps to turn off lead nurturing for specific prospects from within the CRM system.

4. Consider providing reps the ability to assign prospects to specific lead nurturing tracks (for example, a vertical track) and override what the system decides is “best” for that lead based on demographic and behavioral criteria.

5. Develop a lead nurturing program designed to resuscitate “rotting leads” – leads that haven’t shown any activity in say, 6 weeks.

Full post can be found here: http://spearmarketing.com/blog/21-tips-other-impressions-from-the-marketo-user-summit/

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