15 Ways to Segment Your B2B Leads


There is no way of knowing about every buying situation and stage of the buying cycle each prospect is in. But what you do know is how they are engaging with you and general characteristics that make them a good fit for your solution.

Consider segmenting your leads into smaller groups with similar characteristics to create targeted programs. These programs should highlight exact pain points and specific solutions. These focused groups enable you to be very direct with content, further qualifying a lead or prospect.

Here are a few ideas on ways to segment your leads database for more targeted marketing:

  • Geography – what regions have you found success?  What target markets are clustered in specific geographies?
  • Industry – you can’t be everything to everyone.  Know where you fit best and target your efforts there.
  • Prospect title
  • Prospect role (i.e. end user, decision maker, key influencer, etc.)
  • Special interest group (i.e. event attendees, customers of salesforce.com, etc) – be sure all new leads are tagged with a source, this is key for special interest groups
  • Company size – don’t go whale hunting if you’re solution is a better fit for small to mid market businesses.
  • Company revenue – it determines how much budget they have to spend
  • Product line offerings – what pages have they visited on your site, what solution is a “perfect” fit for them?
  • Customers’ competitors - if you're a good fit for 1, chances are you're a good fit for their competitors
  • People who acted on a specific call to action
  • People who downloaded Product/Service Info.
  • People who took a demo
  • People in the sales pipeline that are stuck
  • Newsletter sign ups – create an offer for those who have asked to receive your newsletter
  • Blog readers – offer your readers something different, drive them to your site and offer them some hand raising content or call to action.

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