12 Things You Need to Know When Redesigning Your Website

Just a few months ago we went through the process of a top-to-bottom refresh of our site. We looked at imagery, structure, content, flow, links, tags – the whole bit. The project made for some long nights, but the end result was a fresh, engaging site (especially the homepage) that has positively impacted conversion rates and decreased bounce rates. Click our logo at the top of the page if you’d like to see how things turned out.

During the project I had a couple of resources always at the ready. Keyword density tools; lists of primary benefits; flow charts; even a few printouts of other sites doing a superb job. The Infographic you see below, however, is the one I returned to the most. You can find the original (courtesy of HubSpot) here.

If you're planning, or in the middle of, a site refresh or redesign, here are 12 things you absolutely must keep in mind:

12 Homepage Elements HubSpot Infographic

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