A Closer Look at B2B Marketing & Data Technology Strategies

Recently, ReachForce did a research report with Ascend2, B2B Marketing Data & Technology Strategy, and let me tell you-- it’s full of valuable insights. As a marketer, I want to know what my target market’s marketing data & technology strategy looks like (try saying that ten times fast). And honestly, that’s kind of difficult to find out--and ReachForce gets that, which is why they fielded a survey that captured marketing pro’s answers who are dedicated to the B2B marketing and sales channel.

I’m going to give you three key findings (there’s more, but you can read the report for the rest!) in this blog post, but if you’d rather just jump right in to the report, go right ahead.

1. Most Challenging Success Barriers

The marketers have spoken, and their biggest obstacle to success is improving data quality and accuracy. To some of you, this may seem as a no brainer--but there’s still a lot of marketers out there who don’t understand the extent of how bad their data is and how it’s affecting their strategy. If an organization is unable to integrate their data across more technology (this comes at #2 for challenging success barriers), the marketing value of the data is diminished.

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2. Marketing Data & Technology Success

Close but no cigar--over half of the respondents (53%) stated that their marketing data and tech strategy was somewhat successful. So the question is, how do you take your data strategy the extra mile to join the other 24% respondents who claim they have a very successful, best-in-class strategy? (Psst--we know. It’s clean data!)


3. Integrating Data Across Technologies

Only 9% are doing nothing about integrating data across technologies, and the rest are acting on it or at least thinking about it. Looks like there’s a strong trend here!


And there’s more…

In the actual report! Not only are there valuable stats--ReachForce has sprinkled in a few pro tips to help guide you with implementing these findings into your own strategy. Get to reading!

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