3 Tips for Creating Personalized Opt-In Offers with Marketing Data

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Most marketers today understand that personalization is key to success at every stage of the demand generation funnel. Whether you’re working to convert leads to new customers, upsell to your existing client base, or even generate new leads in the first place, a personalized experience for your audience is guaranteed to yield better results.

But with the sheer volume of companies vying for the attention of your target customers today, there may be no place personalization matters more than at the top of the funnel. Personalization — and the marketing data you use to make it happen — plays an essential role when working to convert site visitors to new leads. Why?

Because everyone understands that email marketing and lead nurture campaigns are the best way to boost customer conversion rates. And as a result, nearly every company has a mailing list and they all want the same thing: your target customer. The average office worker receives 121 emails per dayjust imagine how many your decision maker receives. 

So how do you make your opt-in offer stand out from the pack and generate interest from your target customer?

The short answer is: marketing data.

But, here are a few tips to help you make it happen:

#1. Pay Attention to the Content Your Customers Love

One of the great parts about the wealth of marketing data available today is that you can track a lead’s engagement with content on your website. Doing so serves a number of valuable purposes throughout the marketing journey, but one of the earliest and most important applications comes with generating personalized opt-in offers.

Say, for example, you’re a B2B office supplies company and based on the marketing data available to you (i.e. the clicks on your website), you know a certain customer is interested in energy efficient solutions. You’ll have a higher likelihood of converting that visitor into a new lead with an opt-in offer that addresses their interests. So, instead of “Sign-up for our mailing list to receive emails on everything office-related,” you could make it: “Sign-up to get money-saving tips on energy efficiency in your office today.”

>#2. Use Opt-In Offers in Combination with PPC Ads

PPC ads are one of the oldest forms of digital marketing but they remain nearly as effective today as they were when they first launched in the early 2000’s. Marketing data allows for delivery of PPC ads to an increasingly specific target audience, so when those clicks come through, it’s important you capitalize with personalized offers to move those leads into your sales funnel. 

One of the best ways to do this is with offers for free products or services. If a customer clicks through an ad to your website and receives an offer for a free trial, consultation, evaluation, or sample of your solution in exchange for a bit of personal information, they’re that much more likely to convert.

#3. Shorten Your Lead Capture Forms

One of the simplest ways to maximize the ROI of your opt-in offers is to minimize the number of fields customers need to complete in order to join. Most companies wrestle with what’s more important: higher conversion rates or more robust customer profiles? 

But ReachForce SmartForms customers don’t need to sacrifice one or the other. SmartForms offer businesses the opportunity to create short lead capture forms that boost conversion rates while still receiving a full view of your incoming lead with real-time marketing data enrichment.

To learn more about how ReachForce SmartForms can help you optimize lead generation and improve your impact on revenue, sign up for a free demo today.

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