3 Essential Elements of a Fantastic Data Capture Form

Using a data capture form is one of the most effective ways to generate leads for your business and is one of the essential data management tools at your disposal. But there are many different shapes and sizes your data capture form can take, so it's important to understand the most essential elements that can help yours to maximize conversions.

After all, we could all use more leads for our businesses, right?

In short, your data capture form is the form that new website visitors and leads fill out to give your business their contact information in exchange for something. You get to decide what that something is, whether it's a free consultation, a lead magnet (i.e., ebook, cheat sheet, etc.), a webinar, a discount, or another exclusive offer.

Your offer needs to be compelling, but you also need to ensure that your data management tools (like your lead capture form) are up to par to help increase conversions in your campaign.

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Let's go over a few of the essential elements that every fantastic data capture form has.

1. Key Form Fields Only

One of the biggest deterrents in a lead capture form is too many fields. At the top levels of the sales journey, consumers aren't very willing to hand over all of their information, so asking for as little as possible is ideal. Make it extremely quick and easy to fill out your form so that viewers can immediately receive the information they're requesting.

If your company relies on data from your customers to make a sale, look into tools that can append essential data to your form while still only asking for the key form fields at every level of the sales journey. You don't have to sacrifice essential parts of your sales process to improve your conversion rate; you can do both at the same time!

2. Placement Right Next to the Offer

Don't place your form all the way at the bottom of your landing page. You don't want to make your landing page visitors search for a way to give you their contact information; they may end up leaving before they even fill it out. 

Instead, keep your form above the fold, right next to the offer you're giving out. If you're sharing an ebook, cheat sheet, or another downloadable lead magnet, include a screenshot of the cover or a page or two mocked up into a magazine/book graphic. If you're promoting a webinar, include a screenshot of your promo image mocked up into a computer screen.

Then write compelling sales copy that lets visitors know what they'll get by signing up for your offer and position it alongside both the promotional graphics and the lead capture form.

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3. Catchy Submit Button

Don't leave a boring "Submit" button at the bottom of your form. Instead, make it catchy, something that someone sees and wants to click, or at least gets a good kick out of before clicking.

Something as simple as "Click Here" or "Go" can be much more effective than "Submit," but you can also play with the wording and test button copy. Try examples like "Gimme" (for a lead magnet) or "Yes, I need this" or "Sign Me Up!" to see how they perform against more basic options.

Your data capture form doesn't have to go stagnant. With these three essential elements of a good lead capture form, you can fill up your data management tools with new leads and start converting customers even more. Request a free demo to learn more about how to improve the data you receive through your business's data capture forms.

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