3 Benefits of Achieving Tech Stack Excellence


Your tech stack is the different tools and software that your company utilizes together to help automate processes, increase productivity, and more. Although it can take some time to put together an efficient martech stack, the benefits far outweigh the initial time investment. Tech stack excellence is the end goal, and while getting there can be a journey, the ROI will always be worth it.

Let's learn more about the benefits that come with achieving tech stack excellence.

1. Efficiency

First and foremost, a marketing technology stack that does its job and assists your team(s) in the way(s) needed helps the company with its overall efficiency. A martech stack is meant to integrate with many different processes and automate the mundane tasks that your sales and marketing teams shouldn't be faced with handling (i.e., data entry, data well checks, etc.).

Companies are always looking for ways to make their processes more efficient, and your martech stack should be a huge part of that. Efficiency equals more money in your company's pocket, so focus on creating a stack that improves efficiency and helps team members to do their jobs better and faster.

2. Adaptability

There are always going to be new marketing strategies popping up, new features added to the technology to which you're subscribing, and new and more efficient ways of doing things. The ideal martech stack is agile so that it can adapt to new tactics and tools. With the way that digital marketing is constantly updating and evolving, it's not possible to have a martech stack that is written in stone.

If you're not able to easily change and update your martech stack, you haven't created it correctly. There are so many different options in the marketing SaaS (software as a service) world that you should always have alternatives if anything in the industry changes. A good martech stack should be able to adapt easily to incorporate new features, integrations, and strategies.

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3. Revenue

Of course, the benefit that every CEO and CFO are most excited about is increased revenue. Because of the increased efficiency and productivity of your martech stack, as well as the automated tasks that open up your sales and marketing teams to do more lead gen and closing deals, your company should absolutely see an uptick in revenue with a well-designed tech stack. 

Although some of your marketing budget will have to go toward the technology used in your stack, there should be no way that it is creating an equilibrium between spend and revenue. That doesn't make the ROI worth it. You could have simply been doing things the same way all along.

Instead, you want to use only the amount of your budget that makes sense on your software and tools to ensure that the increased revenue is something the company is actually seeing. This is the only way to achieve tech stack excellence and reap the rewards of all of these benefits.

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